Netflix Original: A Christmas Prince

20 . Nov . 2017
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During Christmas holidays, audiences will be bombarded with content based on the festival as a theme. But Netflix knows how to break the clutter and has come up with a Netflix Original film almost a month before the festival.

A Christmas Prince is an hour long Netflix Original based on a writer working with a magazine, and who is unhappy with her job which entails her to make other’s write-ups worthy to print. She is not given her due, but life is all set to take a turn. She is assigned to cover a coronation ceremony for Aldonia – a fictitious kingdom, during the Christmas holidays. Despite missing on the festival fun, she agrees to uncover the truth behind the womanizing Prince, in a hope that her career will get a boost.

What’s WOW? Many moments in this Netflix Original are breath-taking – the snow-clad castle, mountain, roads – and will make you long for Christmas Holidays. The chemistry between Prince Richard and Amber will make the romantics go weak in the knees.

What’s Blah: After a point, the film becomes predictable. But when have the romantic lovers cared about logic and sense. If you fall in love with this film, you may not find any flaw. Even at one hour, you will feel that the film is very short, but we like to differ.

Parting Shot: Despite its elongated duration, A Christmas Prince qualifies to be It’s almost like having an early Christmas, and that is surely welcome!

Director: Alex Zamm


Ben Lamb as Prince Richard

Rose McIver as Amber

Honor Kneafsey as Princess Emily

Alice Krige as Queen Helena

Duration: 1.32 hr

A Christmas Prince is now streaming on Netflix

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