Netflix Original : Christmas Inheritance

26 . Dec . 2017
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There’s nothing that can match the Christmas Holiday excitement than a film on the Holiday frenzy. Taking a cue, Netflix has come up with an original on the Christmas craziness.

Christmas Inheritance talks of Ellen Langford, the rich girl who is all set to inherit a multi-million gifting business. But her ways are more of a young naive girl, which concerns her dad. To make her more responsible and involved in the business, he sends her to Snow Falls. The small town is home to the empire’s business partner. Mr Langford and Zeke started the business together in Snow Falls, and have a tradition of personally exchanging letters on Christmas. These letters contain the best event/decision of the year. This year Mr Langford sends Ellen to hand deliver the letter to Uncle Zeke in Snow Falls; one on condition that she will go incognito, and only $100 to survive the journey.

She faces some hurdles in the journey, and reaches the Inn owned by Uncle Zeke only to find out that he has done another of his famous disappearance act. No one knows when he will be back, and Ellen doesn’t know what she will do in a town with almost-zero-phone signal.

She is initially irritated by the Inn’s manager Jake Collins, but later he helps her overcome a lot of hurdles. While Ellen does realise that she is developing feelings for him, she is also engaged to rich brat Gray Pittman.

As Christmas Eve nears, Ellen’s fiancée turns up and accidentally reveals her true identity to Jake. The once-bitten-twice shy Jake is shattered that Ellen lied to him.

But things are all set to change at the Christmas Eve charity fundraiser, where the two finally face each other for good. Okay that’s too much revelation already.

What’s WOW? The entire Christmas feel of this Netflix original is so exciting. The story is very much a fairy tale, and seems straight out of a girl story book.

What’s Blah? There’s nothing original about this Netflix Original. We all have seen the rich brat learning a lesson, and falling in love with a commoner million times.

Parting Shot: If you like lovey-dovey content and concepts, Christmas Inheritance will not disappoint you.

Director: Ernie Barbarash


Eliza Taylor as Ellen Langford

Jake Lacy as Jake Collins

Andie MacDowell as Debbie Collins

Neil Crone as Jim Langford

Michael Xavier as Gray Pittman

Duration: 1hr 44 min

Christmas Inheritance is now streaming on Netflix.

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