Netflix Original: Bright

22 . Dec . 2017
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Netflix has delved into the action drama space with its magnanimous fantasy film Bright. It stars Will Smith as an LAPD officer (Ward) and Joel Edgerton as his Orc counterpart (Jakoby).

The Original establishes an alternate present where the human race co-exists with fantasy creatures such as orcs, fairies, elves, centaurs and dwarves. Interestingly, the elves are rich and elite and practically own everything. Orcs on the other hand are looked down upon, because they once (some 2000 years ago) fought against the human in a dark battle. So Jakoby faces ridicule amongst the human and bullying by fellow Orcs for doing away with his natural instincts.

The two embark on a prophetic journey when they chance upon a magic wand which will bring back the dark forces. They are helped by Tikka, the elvish girl who has the wand and wants it to be protected from the evil Leilah. What follows is a lot of magic, Orcs, some kicking ass and lots of excitement.

What’s WOW? The way the orcs are looked down upon is very much conveying the reality of Blacks, who still face discrimination despite all that they have achieved. Jakoby brings in humour with his innocent-yet-embarassing talks. Will Smith does his tough cop act pretty brilliantly.

What’s Blah? Talking of Will, this endeavor may remind the audience of many other police characters he has played. Despite making for an interesting watch, the film doesn’t justify Will’s presence.

Parting Shot: For some Lord of The Rings fan, Bright may be a dream come true film, where magical creatures become part of your daily life. But not every LOTR fan will believe in Director David Ayer’s vision.

Director: David Ayer


Will Smith as Daryl Ward

Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby

Noomi Rapace as Leilah

Lucy Fry as Tikka

Duration: 1 hr 57 min

Bright is now streaming on Netflix

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