Netflix Original: Big Mouth

04 . Oct . 2017
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Adult centric animation is still in a state of infancy on the streaming platforms. Series like Bojack Horseman, Archer and others have created a niche but there’s still a long way to go. This week saw the release of a new comic web series targeted towards adults – Big Mouth.

Big Mouth tells the story of a bunch of kids who are just being hit by puberty. That’s not the only thing going on for the children in the school. As they undergo all the things that adolescents go through – peer pressure, feelings towards the other gender, confusion about sexual orientations – they also realise the warmth that friendship and families provide to individuals.

Now, there are several ways in which one can handle such a concept, they can have a slice-of-life, humorous take on it or go for an all-out, balls to walls, politically incorrect, bold, edgy even mildly offensive way. Fortunately, the makers take the latter way out and it pans out to be very entertaining.

What’s Wow: The boldness of the concept and the dialogues will blow you away. This is one of a kind series that loves its menstruation scenes as much as it likes to make dick jokes. The writers could have faltered and made this into a controversial, hate watch. But Big Mouth has a warmth and rawness about it that makes us all nostalgic about the days that we spent in high school.

What’s Blah: We didn’t find anything wrong with this web series

Parting Shot: Big Mouth is a rip roaring and hilarious series.


  • Nick Kroll as Nick Birch/Maurice the Hormone Monster/Coach Steve/Lola
  • John Mulaney as Andrew Glouberman/Mint/Grandpa Andrew/Babe the Blue Ox
  • Jessi Klein as Jessi Glaser
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Jay Bilzerian/Socrates/Guy Bilzerian
  • Jenny Slate as Missy
  • Fred Armisen as Elliot Birch/Ghost of Antonin Scalia/Bus Driver/Starvos
  • Maya Rudolph as Diane Birch/Connie the Hormone Monstress/Bath Mat/Ghost of Elizabeth Taylor/Ghost of Whitney Houston
  • Jordan Peele as The Ghost Of Duke Ellington/Freddie Mercury/Atlanta Santa Claus/DJ/Cyrus/Patrick Ewing

You can watch the Series on Netflix 

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