Netflix now streams into 55 percent of American Homes

20 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is no longer a fad, at least in the US. A research shows that Netflix streams into at least 55 percent of American households – and the subscription rate has grown by 7 percent since last year. The concept of cord cutting hasn’t yet come to India – mostly because sports broadcasts are yet on traditional broadcasts but whatever happens in America mostly comes to India also.

The research also showed that audiences decided on what streaming service to go to depending on the exclusive content that they present, and Netflix beats all other streaming platforms out of the park and there have been some questions about whether it will be able to handle it all, with it spending almost eight billion per year for new content.

In India, Netflix still must compete with Amazon Prime, Hotstar, ALTBalaji and other streaming platforms because of the price points, so Netflix streaming to more than fifty five percent of households in America is definitely good news for the Big N.