Netflix now plans for show about Philippine drug menace

06 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix seems to still believe that series about real life crime pays. After Narcos, Netflix will now make a web series that will tell about the drug wars that are still rocking Philippine, even as the President Rodrigo Duterte is battling it out at all around. The series will tell the story of a teenager, by the name of Joseph, who gets pulled into the Miami underground.

Netflix has had a good run with Narcos and it was credited for telling a story of a dreaded drug lord to a whole new generation. However, some reviewers criticized the alleged glorification of the character. Truth be told, Pablo Escobar became a pop culture icon globally, and the series just made a real life grey character more infamous.

The show also fell into problems with Colombian nationals saying that the show glorified the drug menace that their country faced and basically raked up an issue that a generation doesn’t even remember existing. There’s doubts now about whether that same thing will occur with the drug trade docu-drama that will talk about the Philippine war.