Netflix New Series Tidelands Is Franchise worthy

25 . Oct . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Netflix New Series Tidelands introduces a whole new world

Netflix is gearing up for the Halloween season with a number of horror series and films up in its bouquet. Tidelanders is an Australian web series that seems franchise worthy right off the bat. The web series is about a woman who returns to her hometown, only to find out a dark secret that essentially connects all the townies with a supernatural being.  The woman is a former criminal and therefore doesn’t find a lot of support from the people around her. That, mixed with the kind of mysterious happenings around, doesn’t make her life simple in the Tidelands.

Stephen M Irwin and Leigh McGrath create and write the series. It stars Hunter Page-Lochard, Charlotte Best, Mattias Inwood, Aaron Jakubenko, Madeleine Madden, Peter O’Brien, Elsa Pataky and Marco Pigossi.  The series releases December 14, 2018.

Netflix is now working towards creating new content and this could possibly be because Disney’s Marvel content might not be available for them. Netflix and Marvel have already announced that Luke Cage season 3 is cancelled. Rumours suggest that the Daredevil web series might be the last one that one sees from the Marvel stable on Netflix.