Netflix mobile app to have vertical video previews

08 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix will add a new feature to its mobile app from next month. Todd Yellin, Vice President of Product, Netflix has revealed that the company will add video previews, a row of vertical 30-second trailers offering a sneak peek into the suggestions offered by the streaming service based on what you watched. The mobile previews will arrive about two years after Netflix introduced previews on its TV app.

Netflix subscribers can find these previews in the mobile app’s home screen. The show thumbnails will retain the square-shape, to help differentiate between a show and a preview. At any given time, users will be able to swipe through the row of previews and Netflix plans to offer 75 previews at any given time. These mobile previews will be launched for Apple devices followed by Android.

These preview videos will be pre-buffered using predictive analysis (which Netflix knows really well to use), which helps to load as soon as a mobile data connection is available. While playing the video, a small status bar (like WhatsApp status page) will keep a progress tab. The subscriber can swipe through to move between videos, and while a video is playing, you can tap a button at the bottom of the screen to start playing, at which point it shifts into landscape mode for normal viewing.

The previews will cover all the content on Netflix over time, both original and licensed, and shown to users in a personalised manner, he adds. Todd also added that Netflix is not presently planning to take vertical videos forward as a standalone content format, because it wants to have its content available on all platforms, and vertical video will not work well on television.