Netflix mingles human experience with entertainment with Stay Here

11 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is bringing more and more interesting content with every addition to their waitlist. Stay Here is a web series that’s about celebrities, Genevieve Gorder and Peter Lorimer making things work for new owners of real estate who are looking to set up businesses. The concept is quite interesting, and it has just the required amount of human emotions to make it a must watch for almost everyone who has a Netflix account.

Genevieve is one of the original designers of the series Trading Places that ran on MTV for quite a while.  Later, she launched Dear Genevieve, where she solved design issues for people who had contacted the program. She was also one of the three judges on the design paner of HGTV Design Star.

The series is an addition to Netflix’s push for nonfiction and non-scripted series. Netflix earlier was home to a web series that was a makeover for men by celebrities and that was a pretty good success for Netflix as well.

The series will come to the streaming platform on 17 August.

Watch the trailer here: