Netflix may launch Mobile Only Plans Soon

23 . Mar . 2019
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix seems to be tired of the memes regarding how pricey they are – or they might have understood how the entertainment eco-system works. There’s buzz that the company might roll out a mobile only plan with the prices halved. Nothing is confirmed yet. However, even with slashing the prices by one third, the amount is quite high, considering that the other streaming platforms are offering their services at around 1000 rupees per year. Also, the content will be available only in SD. Indian consumers are yet to get addicted to the Full HD quality. Also, the sub-10000 rupees phones are now sporting HD+ resolution.

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Hotstar has offered a plan for 365 rupees per year. Amazon Prime, after offering its services for 500 rupees year is now offering their content at 1000 rupees per year. Also, Amazon Prime is available for mobile users, free with their plans.