Netflix Losing It Review : Vir Das gets personal

15 . Dec . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Comedy is like perfume – not everyone likes the jokes or comics you do. And we love Vir Das! He has acted in Bollywood films, has a comedy rock band called ‘Alien Chutney’ and over 100 comedy shows that he proudly calls his – is there anything this man can’t do?

Last year, Vir Das became the first Indian to have a Netflix special with his show ‘Abroad Understanding’. Today, Netflix has released Vir Das’ next ‘Losing it’ – a fairly personal show where we hear stories about Vir’s growing up years and the topic that gets us tensed up at its mere mention – religion. Performing in San Francisco, he speaks about his life as a kid in Nigeria, his family going from a 9 bedroom house in Lagos, Nigeria to a 7 bedroom one in Delhi and two people he looks up to – his talented mother and his optimistic father.

We knew we were going to fall in love with this show, when we heard these two lines – 1) 80% of social media cannot spell social or media and 2) Doordarshan is like our CNN, but with credibility.

He talks a lot about religion, constantly highlighting the tension in the room, relishing every bit of it in his own subtle way. He speaks, fearlessly, about Ramayan, the relationship between Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. To top it all, he even talks about creating one religion, of peace, made by putting two together

Calling tipping the most un-Indian thing, Vir fearlessly recites the Ramayana. One has got to listen to the way he does it. We could write the entire script, but what one needs to realise about this hilarious man, is that his body language tells half the joke. One doesn’t work without the other.

Did you know that Vir was given an honorary doctorate from his college – Knox college in Galesburg, Illinois – and is Dr. Das now? Well, there is this and lot more trivia in Losing It. This man is, truly, brilliance personified.

What’s WOW : Vir Das. His fearless comedy. His personal touch.

What’s Blah: Refer to the first line, about comedy being like perfume

Parting Shot :  A Must Watch, if you are losing it.

Director: Marcus Raboy

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