Netflix locks September 7 for Iron Fist season 2

17 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is keeping its Marvel audiences excited as it recently announced the release date of Iron Fist season 2. Iron Fist aka Danny is challenged by Davos aka Steel Serpent a former K’un Lun student like Danny. Davos insists they have family matters to discuss, but what he is really after is having the iron fist for him.

Just giving a glimpse of what the new season will present, there are many jaw dropping fight scenes in the trailer that set a high benchmark for the actual series, whenever it comes out. For the uninitiated, Iron Fist is based on the fictional superhero by Marvel Comics and created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. The first season came out in May last year and was a hit on Netflix.Danny fought against the criminals in New York.

The new season will come to Netflix on September 7. The trailer has surely made all Iron Fist fans eagerly waiting for the series to come out.

Watch the trailer here: