Netflix launches Hold the Dark

22 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Hold the Dark is the next nature thriller that’s making its way to Netflix. The trailer shows the initial premise of the Netflix Original – a village is under the threat of destruction because of wolves. One of the villager’s child is taken by them, and that’s when the mother of the child asks for help from someone who is conversant with such situations.

The trailer looks promising and the director Jeremy Saulnier brings to the screen the cold, lethal aspects of living in the wilderness – a place that’s always under the threat of death and destruction.

While the premise seems to be an action thriller, the trailer hints at some supernatural aspects added to the story.  The Netflix Original stars Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgard and Riley Keough. Jeremy Saulnier directs. Hold the Dark will premiere on September 28 on the network.