Netflix Is Working Towards Providing Hindi Subtitles to All Its Series

17 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

India is playing a major role in the streaming wars and Netflix is adding new weapons to its arsenal with each passing day.

Sources tell us that the streaming behemoth has also put into motion a plan to provide Hindi subtitles to the series that they will be streaming. This is clearly Netflix’s way of creating more India-centric content. The source said, “Netflix is giving long term contracts to companies that have been into subtitling. It won’t be wrong to see a boost in hiring in that sector.”

The subtitling sector has been booming in Mumbai since the late ‘80s. Back in the eighties, the sector was dominated by freelancers but with computers and BPOs, this sector has seen tremendous growth. Will other streaming services making pathways into India spell another boom for the subtitling sector?