Netflix is now targeting animated classics with Duck Duck Goose

14 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

What’s the first name you think of when you hear animated classics? Right. But you might need to add another name to that list, with Netflix coming into the animated business with their animated feature, Duck, Duck, Goose. Netflix launched its trailer and surprisingly, the film has the same, old world, feel good emotion we have when we are watching an animated film. Duck, Duck Goose stars the voices of Jim Gaffigan, Zendaya, Natasha Leggero, Reggie Watts and Craig Ferguson. The film launches on July 20 on Netflix.

Duck Duck Goose is about an injured goose who has to travel with a pair of lost ducklings, after he is injured – just before migration time. The trailer has a heart-warming aspect to it, and the animation and direction promises a simply stupendous experience – just what the doc ordered for kids who are using their papa’s Netflix account in search of something good.

This goes to show that Netflix is slowly but surely becoming an inventory behemoth of films of all kinds, including the animation ones. Netflix has earlier announced several anime series as well, so this just adds some flavour to their upgraded playlist.