Netflix Documentary: Icarus

06 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The world of competitive sports has always been dogged by doping rumours. We have seen big, successful athletes losing everything that they have with one doping controversy. Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, there are too many to count.  This has, of course, raised the question whether doping is an individual process or is it a systematic issue related to certain countries. The documentary Icarus takes a deep, informed look at the world of sports doping, paying attention to the controversy arising from the rumours about state sponsored doping in Russia.

Icarus tells us about Bryan Fogel’s interactions with Grigory Rodchenkov, who turned out to be the head of the Russian anti-doping laboratory. Their initial plan was for Bryan to take part in a gruelling cycle race after taking strong testosterone injections and check if he could win. While that didn’t pan out well, the controversy about state sponsored doping for the Russian Olympic team broke, with Grigory becoming the central figure in the controversy. Grigory is now in an unnamed US location.

This documentary is for anyone and everyone who isn’t interested in conspiracy theories – the amount of facts and figures that this documentary provides is staggering – enough to make people believe in whatever is alleged. And of course, this documentary is a must watch for believers of conspiracy theories, because unravelling them doesn’t get better than this one.

What’s Wow: Bryan Fogel is a man with guts, a man who doesn’t mind going into the jaws of danger for getting a story told. But apart from that, Bryan is also an incredible director who succeeds inn bringing out the human part in a documentary. This is one of the most tightly cut documentaries, which keep the audience in rapt attention – at every scene and frame.

What’s Blah: Nothing

Parting Shot: Icarus is a must watch for conspiracy theory lovers and everyone who loves a crackling telling of facts.

Cast: Bryan Fogel, Grigory Rodchenkov

Producers: Alex Productions, Diamond Docs, Impact Partners

You can watch the documentary on Netflix