Netflix has launched a mind-blowing trailer for Ghoul

10 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Yesterday, we were the first to tell you about Netflix’s web series Ghoul, India’s first prison-based horror web series. Today, Netflix amped that up by dropping a trailer of the series – which stars Radhika Apte as an investigating officer and Manav Kaul as one of the superior officers. Their lives go for a toss when a mysterious prisoner is sent to them for interrogation. Radhika Apte is quickly turning into the poster girl of streaming in India, and rightly so. After her understated performance in Sacred Games, this looks like amazing project for her.

Horror is quickly becoming a genre that audiences are looking for, even in the mainstream. Last year, Pari, starring Anushka Sharma changed the game for Indian horror. With such heavyweights like Blumhouse in the picture, Ghoul has the potential to change the way Indian horror is perceived by creators as well as audiences