Netflix Goes the Social Way, Replaces Star Ratings with Thumbs up and Thumbs Down

06 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is doing away with the 5 star rating for their content. It will be replaced with thumbs up and thumbs down, quite similar to what we see on the social network posts. And of course, there’s science behind it.

The streaming service made a video so viewers can understand how their viewing experience will change. The star system will go, making way for a percentage match system. Depending on the percentage match – a system that predicts what a viewer might like or not – a particular show or film will make its way to one’s Netflix dashboard. Once there, viewers can give the content thumbs up or thumbs down. Once the users give a particular series or a film thumbs down, that particular content will be banished from their dashboard, but still accessible if they decide to search for it someday – as long as the content is still available on Netflix.

Well, looks like Netflix realizes that our lives are complicated enough for us to handle the stress of giving a star rating to their content.