Netflix gets into the comics book zone with The Magic Order

31 . May . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix is a streaming behemoth, and nothing stops them from going into other aspects of the entertainment business, like getting into comic books. In a recent development, Netflix has unveiled the official trailer of a their new – and first – comic book The Magic Order, which Mark Millar writes. Olive Coipel. The comic book series will launch June 13.

According to reports, the series will be about families of magicians who live among the people but are destined to save the world from a supervillain who has vowed to kill them all one by one. So, the series will have plenty of sorcery, magic and everything else that makes for a great viewing experience.

This comes from Millarworld, which is the brainchild of Mark Millar, which was acquired by Netflix. Netflix aims to develop films, TV shows and other kids’ series that are based on the comic book publisher’s vast inventory of character franchises.

With this, Netflix adds to the fantasy, sci-fi and superhero inventory. It already has some big-ticket series under its bet, with Daredevil, Stranger Things and other such.

You can watch the trailer below 

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