Netflix fires Jonathan Friedland for using N word

23 . Jun . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Netflix has been quick in distancing themselves from anyone who’s been embroiled in controversy. Earlier, they cut all ties with Kevin Spacey when he was hit with sexual harassment allegations. Now, they have released their top communications executive, Jonathan Friedman, after it was revealed to them that he has used the N-word twice during company meetings.  He has used that term during meetings with Netflix staffers.  Netflix has also been open about the reason that they are firing him. Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO clarified in a company wide e-mail the reason.

Friedman too spoke about the reasons of his leaving the company in a statement that he gave to The Hollywood Reporter. Friedman was an important part of the Netflix juggernaut and saw media and content publicity for the original series, films and specials in around a hundred and ninety countries.

Friedman had earlier worked with Disney and was Senior VP, Corporate Communications. He started his career as a foreign correspondent and editor at The Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Economic Review.