Netflix Film: Mute

23 . Feb . 2018
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It is always fun to watch a movie that is set in the future and when it is a Netflix Original you expect a better glimpse into the future not just in terms of graphics, but also in how the future is made believable.

Netflix’s newest offering Mute is set in Berlin, 40 years from the present. Leo Beiler, a mute man with a violent past and is now working as a bartender. His solace in life is his girlfriend, Naadirah who also works at the same bar. Life seems hunky dory for the couple, except a few flashes of ‘you do not know my past’ that Naadirah keeps throwing at Leo.

One final day, she is taken away from bed, while Leo is still unconscious. Hell bent on finding the love of his life, Leo tries everything that he can, even resorting to violence and messing around with a gangster Maksim who is also the owner of the club. Parallel to Leo’s story is the story of two American surgeons, Cactus Bill and Duck Teddington, who patch up gunshot wounds for the Russian mob. While Duck is happy to be in Berlin, Cactus wants to go back to USA, and hopes the Russian mob will provide the requisite papers for him and his daughter to go back.

How the two stories intertwine is the crux of this Netflix Original.

What’s WOW? The sheer thought of how our future will be is exasperating and exciting. And Mute has kept that intact throughout. You can be so excited to see how the basic experiences of our present, will completely change in the future – things like ordering food, or playing games will be more interactive they are today.

Alexander Skarsgård as Leo is lovable, it is after all, a difficult task to not speak but still emote. He has done a fabulous job.

What’s Blah? There are a lot of missing threads in this Netflix film. You may end up thinking that the film spend a lot of time on the editing table, which it shouldn’t have. Coming from Duncan Jones, Mute is riding on a lot of expectations and that doesn’t work in its favor.

Parting Shot: If you have loved Duncan Jones’ previous work, you will love Mute too. It is a classic case of sci-fi meets romance.

Director: Duncan Jones

Producer: Stuart Fenegan

Screenplay: Michael Robert Johnson, Duncan Jones

Story: Duncan Jones


Alexander Skarsgård

Paul Rudd

Justin Theroux

Mute is now streaming on Netflix.

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