Netflix data: People are okay with screen snooping

15 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

New survey data from Netflix has some interesting information for us. 67% of people don’t feel embarrassed, awkward to watch their favorite shows and web series. So much that they are okay if season/episode spoilers are playing on the screen and snoopers (the one who eyes on others’ screen, yo!) are around.

The new norm is someone snooping on your screen during a risque scene or LOL-ing on a crowded train. The data suggests that 45% of these Netflixers have caught a backseat binger snooping on their screen. But from this number, only 18% have felt embarrassed about what they’re watching and 77% refuse to turn off their show or movie.

Some other interesting facts from the data are:

Eleven percent of public bingers have had a show or movie spoiled by seeing someone else’s screen.

More than 27% of public bingers have been interrupted by a stranger to start a conversation about what they’re watching.

The majority of public bingers have laughed out loud and one in five has even cried while watching in public.

Globally, Mexico, Colombia and Chile are the most outwardly emotional countries.

When asked to rank travel or commuting “essentials” public bingers globally listed “access to movies and tv shows” higher than food and beverages.