Netflix cancels Everything Sucks

07 . Apr . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Every production house has a hierarchy of production and so does Netflix. If Netflix has their Daredevil and Jessica Jones and Stranger Things and 13 Reasons Why, they are making a second rung of content that’s fluffy, emotional and light-hearted.

Everything Sucks was part of that list, but unfortunately it won’t be any longer. The Big Red N has cancelled the series after just one series, something that it rarely does. This is surprisingly, because the series opened to mostly positive reviews and has a just-under-70-percent approval rating with fans. The concept itself was novel and could have created a fanbase if given some breathing space.

The series starred Peyton Kennedy, Jahi Winston, Patch Darragh, Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako, Sydney Sweeney, Elijah Stevenson, Quinn Liebling and Rio Mangini.

Ben York Jones and Michael Mohan created this series and was about a group of kids who grew up in the nineties, battling pop culture and of course, sexuality – their own as well as people around them.