Netflix cancels Daredevil after Season 3

30 . Nov . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute
  • Netflix cancels Daredevil Series
  • Previous seasons of Daredevil will remain on the platform

For fans, it might seem weird, but for the people in the business, it was about to happen. And the other boot has finally fallen – Netflix has cancelled Daredevil after an amazing season 3. Daredevil is one of the several web series that made Netflix super famous in India, along with Jessica Jones and others, so it will be quite an event for Indian Netflix streamers.

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It remains to be seen who will be hurt by this decision more. Netflix has grown a lot in India, but it cannot deny that the Marvel properties played a big role in their growth. Apart from the superhero trope, Netflix is known for its horror and documentary series. Netflix is also betting high on mainstream type films, with several action, family and holiday oriented films.

Marvel fans will counter that Daredevil and the entire Marvel catalogue is now Disney property and with Disney launching a streaming channel, Daredevil might find a home on the new Disney streaming service. Disney has come to India in a big way with a TV channel, so it could be possible that Disney launches its streaming service in India as well.