Netflix brings Sam Worthington film The Titan to streaming screens

21 . Mar . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Sam Worthington was the right, front and centre of sci-fi with Avatar, the biggest sci-fi film ever made. He is now back donning a space suit for a Netflix Original, titled The Titan. The concept of the film seems to be a conspiracy theorist and a sci-fi fan’s wet dream. Sam plays a young man who finds himself on his way to Titan, Saturn’s moon, because the resources over at planet earth are depleting faster than everybody thought.

Along with Sam, the film also stars Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson and Nathanie Emmanuel among others.  The trailer is impressive. By now, we know that Netflix isn’t pulling any punches when they are making a film.

Also, other Netflix outings in sci-fi and fantasy have been high concept ones with great production values, like Bright and of course, the Stranger Things series. The series has Sam Worthington’s character apparently evolve into an alien, even as the authorities try to harvest or colonise The Titan. The effects look good and the screenplay looks promising as well.

This will be Sam Worthington’s first outing with Netflix for an original film. Sam Worthington fans would do good to catch this film on Netflix, as the only other Worthington projects announced are the 2020 Avatar 2 and the 2021 Avatar 3.