Netflix brings Orson Welles’ Last Film, The Other Side of the Wind

30 . Aug . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Orson Welles is an industry to himself and is one of the most phenomenal and inspirational directors of all time. While his films created magic by themselves, one of the films was never wide released – The Other Side of the Wind.  The film has been in production hell since practically three decades. Orson Welles shot this in the seventies and it never made the big screen – until Netflix decided to give it a spin.

Orson Welles and Oja Kodar write this Orson Welles directorial. It stars John Huston, Bom Random, Peter Bogdanovich, Susan Strasberg and Oja Kodar. The music is by Michel Legrand. The Other Side of the Wind will release on Netflix on November 2. Before that, it will make the festival circuit round from August 31.

This is one of the few lost films that are finally getting a release. It will be a rarity for modern audiences to watch an Orson Welles film first-hand, without the baggage of previous reviews and interviews by the makers themselves.  It will be interesting to see how the new audiences react to an old film.

Watch the trailer here: