Netflix brings new web series The Society to audiences

30 . Apr . 2019
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Netflix as launched a web series, The Society, that promises to be a thriller sci-fi. The series is set in a wealthy city, where the children are left to fend for themselves, with their parents disappeared. The trailer promises a chilling experience.  The series has several young adults taking actions and decision that might be dangerous not just for them but for everyone who’s associated with them.

Christopher Keyser creates this series, which stars Kathryn Newton, Rachel Keller, Alex Fitzalan, Jacques Colimon and others. Christopher Keyser acts as a writer and an executive producer. Marc Webb will direct the series. the series is set to release on May 10, 2019.  Netflix is investing heavily on sci-fi and horror web series. Since a while, Netflix has released some incredible sci-fi web series with fantasy elements like Stranger Things.

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Watch the trailer here :