Netflix bets big with stand-up comedy with The Comedy Lineup 2

23 . Aug . 2018
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Netflix started their comedy stand up series with the likes of Chris Tucker. Now, Netflix is going ahead with the second season of the full-fledged comedy show that features some of the biggest names in stand up. The web series, titled Comedy Line Up features the likes of Aisling Bea, JR De Guzman, Janelle James, Josh Johnson, Matteo Lane, Max Silvestri, Kate Willett, and Emma Willmann.

This time, the series isn’t just about comedy stand up but will also feature interviews of the stand-up talents that are part of the web series. The one difference in the second season, apart from the stand up talent, is that the talent will have fifteen minutes of a routine and not the half an hour that they were given earlier.

Stand Up is really going up and ahead in all parts of the world, and Amazon Prime has already commissioned the biggest names from the world of Indian Stand Up with Comicstaan. Netflix seems to be playing catch up with Amazon Prime when it comes to stand up content, but they still don’t have anything that would cater to the Indian audiences exclusively.

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You can watch the trailer below