Netflix, Amazon to Pump $20 Billion Each Into Streaming Business?

10 . Apr . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Amazon is going all out with its Prime program. According to analysts at JP Morgan, Amazon will be pumping $4.5 billion in the business. The buzz puts the number at a lot more – equivalent to Netflix’s commitment of $20 billion. That’s correct, buzz strongly suggests that both the streaming behemoths will be investing $20 billion apiece to get a slice of the streaming pie.

It is a given that most of this budget will go to procuring content – both original and syndicated – something that Amazon Prime sorely needs to stand against the behemoth that’s Netflix.

The other competitor in the league, HBO spent around $2 billion on their online venture in 2016. This makes Amazon the company with the second biggest budget in the streaming department right now.

And Amazon isn’t just stopping at television series and movies. It has struck a deal with the NFL to stream their 10 Thursday night games.  This is the first time that a streaming service is trying to stream sports.

All this is certainly good news for the customer.