Netflix, Amazon neck-to-neck in India; elsewhere Netflix leads

08 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

It seems that Amazon Prime Video’s original Inside Edge has worked for the company. As per a research by GlobalWebIndex, Amazon is a challenger to Netflix in Asia Pacific – more specifically in India where it is priced lower than Netflix.

Around the globe, though, Netflix is watched more than Amazon Prime Video. According to digital consumer resource, 20 per cent of global Internet users watch Amazon Prime Video each month, while 37 per cent say the same about Netflix.

This can also partially be attributed to Netflix’s highly famous recommendations. Further, the streaming giant which recently celebrated 20 years of inception, is coming up with native originals in different countries, like in India it is set to stream Sacred Games, Selection Day, and Again.

As the competition between the two companies increases, here’s hoping it translates to better digital entertainment for us.