Netflix’ A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding Review: It left us a tad disappointed

06 . Dec . 2018
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Netflix has released another film for this holiday season. With ‘The Christmas Chronicles’, ‘Angela’s Christmas’, ‘The Holiday Calendar’, etc and now ‘A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding’, the streaming giant certainly has viewers spoilt for choice.

‘A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding’ is a sequel to last year’s holiday film, ‘A Christmas Prince’. The movie starts with Amber (Rose McIver) and her father Rudy (John Guerrasio) travelling to Aldovia for Amber’s christmas wedding after a year of her and King Richard’s (Ben Lamb) long distance relationship and a lot of back and forth between Aldovia and New York. They get hounded at the airport by the paparazzi. While she lets the royal life sink in, Amber continues to blog about the same, something that is censored later on by the strict Mrs. Averill (Sarah Douglas).

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The movie shows Richard, the new king, battling a crisis in Aldovia where people are losing their jobs and wages are not being paid to workers, because of which residents are up in arms. Before passing away, Richard’s father had announced an initiative for the betterment of Aldovians which doesn’t seem to be working the way he had hoped it would.

Queen Helena brings in Lord Leopold to assist Richard. Leopold is the one who helped Richard’s father launch the initiative, but left after the king’s demise, since he was affected by his absence.

Amber, who lived a life that was once uncensored, to say the least, is overwhelmed with everything changing around her. Richard is always busy running around, trying to firefight the crisis owing to his ‘New Aldovia’ initiative not working out. The controlling Mrs. Averill takes over her life to the extent that even Amber’s blog is censored, since ‘her image now belongs to them’. The designer Sahil does not make things easier, with the over the top wedding gown, heels that she can hardly walk in and a veil that she can’t even see through. All this, not surprisingly, leads to Amber having a mini breakdown, which makes her stand up for herself, pointing out that the wedding should be carried out the way they want it and she won’t let her life be taken over.

Simon (Theo Devaney), Richard’s cousin, who had once tried stealing the royal crown, comes back to the palace, begging for forgiveness. He has lost everything he had during his divorce. He is accepted back into the family, albeit reluctantly. Richard’s sister, however, makes her displeasure pretty evident.

Once a journalist, Amber senses that the Aldovian crisis has to have a reason behind it, since the contract has been given to an Aldovian company itself, which means that the money should be in Aldovia. She does some investigation of her own.

We hate spoilers. Don’t you? If you wish to know who has been siphoning Aldovia’s funds, you will need to watch the film. Go ahead!

What’s WOW: We love how the story has been weaved in a way that viewers suspect one particular person as the one responsible for the crisis. However, it actually is someone else.Watching Amber remain down to earth, despite her impending royal wedding, with her blogging and all, is heartening to see.

The wedding is beautiful. Amber wears a stunning contemporary gown that I would definitely love to own. She wears sneakers under that gown. (Beat that!) And they do the conga at the wedding. BEST WEDDING EVER!

What’s Blah: What is hard to believe is that King Richard could not figure out what was wrong with the financial condition of Aldovia, but Amber did. Till Amber puts her foot down towards the end, she is treated like an accessory by everyone – even Richard – nothing more.

Parting Shot: Watch it only for the wedding!

Cast and Crew  

Cast: Rose McIver (Queen Amber), Ben Lamb (King Richard), Alice Krige (Queen Helena), Honor Kneafsey (Princess Emily)

Director – John Schultz

Producer – Amy Krell

Writer – Nathan Atkins

Editor – Marshall Harvey

A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding is streaming now on Netflix