Neliima Azeem: I’d like to do a web series about dance and theater

19 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Neliima Azeem is currently seen in Mom & Co, The Zoom Studios Original. We got in touch with her and spoke about her experiences with the streaming platform.

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Here’s the complete conversation:

What is Mom & Co about?

Mom and Co is about a mother and son, a family that lives in the middle class who face their own issues and finally coming back together.

How did you become a part of Mom & Co?

Well, that would be the producer’s call to make me a part of the show. But once they did approach me, I was ready. As for why I said yes to the show, it was the whole deal – the concept and the script. The people that came to me, I liked them immensely. I wanted to work with the younger generation.  Mainly, I was looking for a comeback, and wanted a main role so I could essay a longer graph. Everything else worked out with Zoom.

How did you prepare for the role?

My main preparation for the role was in the usage of Marathi.  I also prepared by understanding the mannerisms of a Marathi woman of that milieu. I had a very different experience with my son. So, I had to learn the other aspects of a mother-son relationship, the argumentative, hostile environment and relationship of the son. There were deeper aspects of the character and I had to find them, so that I reach the character’s core.

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How different is it to work in a film and a web series?

You get more space to be able to play a character in a more detailed fashion. The character is more detailed. There’s far more that you can go and do in the psychological areas. It’s about a character going from one stage of their life to another. The actors get to do a lot more in a streaming platform. You get to do varied stuff. However, films are films, they are magic.

How was it working with Ashish Ranglani?

Ashish Ranglani is a very talented, new director. He has done a great job with Mom and Co. He held the entire project very well and was thoroughly researched. Ayush Mehra is my favorite person from the set. He has a long way to go. He is a rare talent. It was lovely working with him.

What other genres would you like to explore?

I would like to explore my dancing on stage and theater. So, it could be an original film about theater. I’d be very happy to do that.

What web series have you watched?

I watched Bate’s Motel. I almost binged it. I was hooked. I loved Sherlock Holmes. It has such great performances and it was very well shot. I have seen a little bit of True Detective. I haven’t yet binged in the real sense.

Why do you think more and more mainstream actors are coming to the streaming series?

Because it has a great future. It means getting more interesting and varied content. It means they can play all those roles that they can’t do on the big screen. It also means a lot of work for a lot of very talented actors. They won’t get that chance in films and television doesn’t provide that kind of subject. I think streaming is going to be the future in India.

What’s next for you?

Let’s see. I have done two films, Illegal and Pinky, Dolly aur Chamakte Sitare.  Both are interesting stories. I will keep you posted on the rest!

Neliima’s current web series, Mom & Co, is streaming exclusively on the Zoom Studios, YouTube channel.