Neil Blomkamp comes up with the incredible sci-fi short film ‘Volume 1’

30 . May . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Neil Blomkamp stunned people with his low-budget but extremely well-made District 9. That film was a runaway hit and made Neil’s name well known to the whole world of sci-fi and horror fans. District 9 was so famous because it did away with the concept that alien characters cannot be shown in a realistic manner, unless there’s a big budget attached to the film, to be used for prosthetic and VFX.

He is now back with what he calls his ‘experimental short film’, ‘Volume 1’. The trailer shows the concept of the film, that aliens are using humans for survival and there’s a rag-tag revolutionary team. The trailer has the voice of Sci-fi darling Sigourney Weaver and Dakota Fanning. The trailer itself has enough action to make the film a promising one. The most interesting part about this project is that this is a movie that will stream on Steam, the popular game-streaming platform. There are more than 300 films that are streaming on Steam, and ‘Volume 1’ will soon be one of them.

Watch the trailer here: