Naveen Kasturia Interview : I am open to do sketches

17 . Apr . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Naveen Kasturia is fresh off the anthology Fuh Se Fantasy, a Voot web series in which he plays a man who falls in love with a unique woman. We had a short chat with him and found out what the talented actor has in store in the future.

What made you say ‘yes’ to Fuh Se Fantasy?

When I was offered the show, I thought it would be just a skin show. But when I read the script, I saw that it was a warm and emotional story. The characters were very interesting and engaging. I met the director; I saw the short film that he made. That really helped me to decide on it. I am glad I said yes to it.

How relatable are the characters for you?

I can relate to someone who follows a person he’s interested in. The character seems believable. I have seen such people. People do such things in love. In love, people might do things that aren’t really ‘them’.  But it was mostly the director’s vision. The quotes in the entire episode were also the director’s ideas.

Did you think the girlfriend’s character got a raw deal?

I think that all the characters were a little bit grey. You can’t justify what the character did to his girlfriend. In the same manner, you can’t justify the girlfriend’s behaviour as well. Couples act like that. But what he did to her, that was wrong. He cheated on her, it’s not cool.

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Any apprehensions while doing the intimate scenes?

I was generally scared. I am shy. You won’t even see me bare-chested. I am really scared to take off my t-shirt. In the scene, it’s quite bold. So, I had apprehensions, I was nervous, but my co-actor and my director helped me through it. Once we started the scene, it went by quite well. Now, I feel confident about some things.

Did you have any fantasies, like the one shown in the short film?

Of course, I had lot of fantasies, but I can’t really talk about it. While growing up, everyone goes through that stage. I had a lot of fantasies and fetishes. But I feel awkward talking about it. I think everybody has this stage.

Do you think audiences are ready for anthologies?

People are always ready for good content. Short films are doing well. A lot of people are watching them. An anthology is essentially a collection of short films anyway.  People are ready for it, we just need to make good content.

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Would you be open to a short format film now?

For the longest time, I was not open to doing it. But now, it all depends on the script. If the script really drives me, I might go for it. I made a conscious decision to not be part of sketches, because I thought I would like to be seen all the time. I would probably choose stories and characters. But now, I think, if I come across anything very interesting, I am open to do it.

Fuh Se Fantasy is now streaming on Voot.