National award winning actress Usha Jadhav is back on sets and starts shooting for a Spanish film amid Covid-19 Pandemic

18 . Jul . 2020
Reading Time: 1 minute

Usha Jadhav has resumed work and is shooting for a Spanish film ‘La Nueva Normalidad’ directed by Alejandro Cortés and produced by Aragón Tv. The director Alejandro Cortes is always interested to showcase social problems in a unique way and this film focuses on racism in the time of pandemic, the team is currently shooting in Fuentes de Ebro in Spain. Usha shares her experience back on-set, “It’s a very different experience of shooting in this crisis. We can’t hug each other, face masks are compulsory. We are taking all necessary precautions and shooting. It’s an amazing experience”.

The global pandemic has changed our lives and has introduced the entertainment industry to new shooting norms. Adding to this Usha says, “The team follows various sorts of precautions like sanitization of everything multiple times which also includes camera and lenses with specific liquid spray. Everyone is provided with face masks and sanitizer on the set. No touching or hugging is allowed on the set and face mask is mandatory all the time. Dress department does the washing & cleaning of clothes everyday. The entire cast & crew are strictly instructed to abide by the rules. The cases here are really low right now hence the team is allowed to shoot with a minimum crew.”