Netflix’s Narcos Mexico series Gets a Release Date

07 . Sep . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

One of Netflix’s most compelling series, Narcos, is now all set to release. The series hits streaming screens on November 16. This gives Netflix a good two months to promote this series – which is already a legend in the world of streaming.

The new series is titled Narcos: Mexico. As the name suggests, this time, Narcos is set in Mexico. The spell binding trailer introduces most of the characters with an intense screenplay that will engage audiences right off the bat. The series is set in the eighties and stars Michael Pena as the office who must defeat the drug cartel, which is run by Felix Gallardo, played by Diego Luna.

Narcos Mexico seems to have much more action than the earlier seasons. The trailer is cut in a breathless manner, and we can only hope that the series will as breathless in its pace as well.

Narcos is the star, top banner web series for Netflix and they don’t seem like wanting to put a stop to it. The series has been as controversial as it has been successful for Netflix, and they are sticking to their guns with this one. It was earlier said that the web series has been denigrating against the countries depicted, but Netflix has taken that out, by making series about various drug lords. We can only wait for them to look at the drug wars in India.