Narcos Location Scout shot dead in Mexico

18 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

Veteran location scout, Carlos Munoz Portal was shot dead in Mexico on Monday while on location scouting for the 4th season of Netflix’s hit show, Narcos. Carlos has been associated with several big budget Hollywood films earlier, like Sicaro, Spectre, Fast & Furious and Apocalypto.

There is no specific reason given for the murder. Interestingly, horror writer Stephen King was one of the first Twitter users to give details about the murder. He gave this barebones information:

Though there’s no official reason given, the show has been the bone of contention for citizens of Mexico. We earlier reported that the Mexicans weren’t very kicked up about their place being shown as a hub of corruption and drug dealing.

Unless the truth comes out, media outlets will continue to connect the murder to the general disgruntlement that Mexicans have about the show. Netflix and everyone associated will have to quickly provide information about the death of Carlos Munoz Portal.