Short Film: Naked

31 . Mar . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Can a woman’s body be hers and hers alone? Naked tears that question apart with a quick, deft hand. The beautifully shot film revolves around a young actor who has just woken up to the news of a clip of an explicit sex scene from her upcoming movie going viral online and a rookie female reporter walking that tough line of choice between brassy professionalism and womanly empathy. While the film can be easily labelled by cynics as screen-time for mawkish feminism, it is more of a magnifying glass to the prejudices and hypocrisy nurtured by our society and that vulgar, new-age villain—our TV channels.

What’s wow? Kalki Koechlin as a brittle young movie star Sandy trying to stay unfazed by a barrage of probing questions is worth a watch. Ritabhari Chakraborty as the awkward, self-effacing reporter reminds you of all those times when you have been in her shoes. Worth a significant mention is the cinematography by Gairik Sarkar, who has used light like a hushed secret. Also, director Rakesh Kumar’s choice to capture the entire unfolding of the story in a tiny room is an especially clever metaphor for the claustrophobia that seizes women in our intrusive society

What’s blah? The film could have been a lot less verbose in its attempt to touch upon women’s pet peeves against the wider world—Kalki’s eyes are more eloquent than anything that she has uttered. One also gets the feeling that the director was trying too hard to shrink the collective woes of ‘sisterhood’, especially with that scene about Ritabhari’s bra strap. (No journalist ever sits through an interview with her bra strap dangling all over her shoulders. Really.)  

Parting shot: Watch it for the unusual premise of the plotline—no one has cared to explore the angst of Bollywood heroines who are placed on the chopping block every day for hiding their bodies too much or not hiding it enough.

Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Ritabhari Chakraborty
Director: Rakesh Kumar
Produced by: Scud, AOC and Live Signages

Duration : 14:36


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