Nagesh Kukunoor no longer part of of The Test Case

02 . Sep . 2017
Reading Time: 1 minute

It’s done. Nagesh Kukunoor is no longer part of The Test Case, the ambitious web series that had Nimrat Kaur play a woman who’s being trained to join the Indian army.

The series fell into hard times after the initial episodes were shot and wrapped up. Shooting for the series was stopped for at least more than a month. There was talks about the project running over budget, but nobody provided an official reason as to why the cameras stopped rolling on the series.

Other wily reports said that there were creative differences between Ekta Kapoor and Nagesh Kukunoor. To add to those rumors, the web series will be helmed by Dangal diretor Vinay Waikul.

It was the most surprising match of the season. Nagesh Kukunoor, known for his understated films like Hyderabad Blues signing up with Ekta Kapoor, the Czarina of the Telly for a web series.