MX Player Original Aafat Review: It is a slap on patriarchy and it’s entertaining

26 . Feb . 2019
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  • Aafat is a much-needed slap on urban patriarchy

MX Player has come up with some great shows in this week. We loved Immature and Hey Prabhu and now we have Aafat on our hands. With Aafat, MX Player somehow rounds off the GEC requirement – with content on YA, urban cool and female oriented subjects being the flavour of the season. Here’s our complete review of Aafat.

Ricky and his mother are looking for the perfect bride for their family. They get in touch with a matrimonial agency and decide to meet 5 girls. All the girls are from different walks of life, but the one thing that’s common between them is they live suffocating lives because of patriarchy and societal pressure – whether subtle or unsubtle.

One of them is a divorcee, another is on the healthier side, yet another doesn’t wax (that’s a new one), while someone else is looking for love somewhere else. Another one is a rebel without a pause, and an outspoken one at that – which routinely has her use cuss words.

What’s Wow: Aafat has a lovely screenplay and is a young look at age old patriarchy. It brings to the fore how little things that can be termed as quirks play such a huge role when it comes to a girl getting married. The different scenarios are projected in a light-hearted, non-preachy manner, and that’d have an instant connect with the audience.

Stupendous performances from the cast pulls this show together. Sidharth Bharadwaj, who plays Ricky could be the cutest antagonist in the history of streaming. Aditi Manchanda, Nikita Dutta, Chitranshi Rawat, Neelam Sivia and others play their characters to the hilt. The screenplay also has several in-jokes, like a woman with a t-shirt that suggests not to over analyse life hosting an astrology show and keeps the proceedings peppers.

The best part about the series is that it throws out in the open urban patriarchy. People have a misconception that patriarchy exists either only in rural India or the middle-class in the urban crowd. However, this series proves all that wrong.

What’s Blah: There’s some product placement that might be a big irritating to the informed crowd. Like, it isn’t a coincidence that 98.3 FM hires one of the girls and the other works at iDiva, right? But apart from that, Aafat is a must watch smasher.

Parting Shot: Aafat is an entertainer for everyone

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Seema Pahwa, Aditi Manchanda, Nikita Dutta, Chitrashi Rawat, Neelam Sivia, Anshul Chauhan, Pushtii Shakti

Director: Shashant Shah

Producer: Times Studio