MX Player Thinkistan Review: It is just getting started

05 . Jun . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

MX Player has very quickly become one of the most interesting content creator for streaming audiences. There are several aspects in the MX Programming that sets it apart from the competition. Chief among them being the frothy, warm stories that MX Player tells through its web series. That doesn’t mean that their content doesn’t have the intensity or the emotion. MX programming has all that and a bit more – the human factor.  This week, MX Player launched a new web sereis, Thinkistaan, and here’s our complete review.

Thinkistan is set in the late nineties, the most exciting times to be born and living in India. The series is about a young man, Hema,  who quits his engineering job and joins MMTC, India’s leading advertising agency. Around the same time, another young man, Amit Shrivastav joins the ad agency as a Hindi copywriter. The two become best friends in a matter of days, but life’s not that simple. Together, as they forge a friendship, life puts both of them in the grind. How they handle this, as well as a quickly evolving Mumbai is what forms the rest of the series.

What’s Wow : The writers have done a great job of getting the story to the audience. This is the only example, after the Amazon Prime web series Made in Heaven, which has the perfect blend of the personal and the professional lives of the characters in the web series.

The series has also done a good job of underplaying but underlining  aspects that were common place in the nineties – like homophobia, regional bias, pay parit. Thinkistan also hits the bull’s eye when it comes to character creation. This is one of those rare web series that allows you to pick any character, and they can be the headliners of a whole new web series, something that we call a spin-off.

The production designers and the director also deserve a pat on their back to not underline the fact that the series is based in the nineties with in your face props and references. In a world where everyone wants everything to be tuned 10x high, Thinkistan serves well to remind audiences that the story is in the story and not the props.

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The performances by the entire cast are natural and that makes the characters relatable. Mandira Bedi does a great job of playing the Zen like Agency head. Shravan Reddy as the charmbot is sincere. Naveen Kasturia has got a role of a life time and is a perfect fit. This is a person who should sign up more.  The rest of the cast leave a mark on the audience as well.

What’s BlahThinkistan is a very good web series that’s articulately made. However, it falls to that one flaw that almost every India made content has – it doesn’t really touch on the aspects of the work life. In Thinkistan, the office – an advertising agency  at that – is somewhat like the Garden of Eden before the snake struck. There’s no word of the deadlines, the working beyond the work hours and doing it for the sake of doing it. However, that’s a small gripe and doesn’t really matter in the bigger picture.  The concept of the series does tackle serious issues in the later episodes, so I think that Thinkistan is just getting started.

Parting Shot : Thinkistan has all the trapping of the a long running franchise.

Cast & Crew

Cast: Naveen Kasturia, Shravan Reddy, Mandira Bedi, Sahana Goswami, Vasuki Sunkavalli, Jayashree Venkatraman, Shraddha Musale.

Watch the trailer here :