MX Player Original ImMature Review: It is a fresh, refreshing take on YA life

21 . Feb . 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes
  • Rashmi Agdekar and Omkar Kulkarni shine in ImMature

Once upon a time, there was very little content aimed towards kids in India. Today, there’s very little content for Young Adults in India. And the type of content that’s there is more about the debauched life that the Young Adults in India might want to live – instead of what they really do.

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Some directors have got it right, like Nagesh Kukoonor did it in Hyderabad Blues, but that’s decades ago. In 2011 came Bubble Gum, another film based in the school and college world that gave a truer picture of that life. Now, in 2019, TVF brings ImMature, and here’s our complete review.

ImMature is a story set in a urban college-cum-school and is about three kids who are juggling growing up, studies and personal lives.  Dhruv Sharma is the awkward kid we all grew up around, Kabir Bhuller is the lovable, harmless brag and Susu is the kid we all liked to talk about but not to. They are leading a life that’s full of twists and turns until Dhruv sees Chhavi – and instantly falls in love with her.

What’s Wow: Many web series have tried setting up YA romances using tropes that were common while growing up, FLAMES, love-at-first-sight, cheap dates, first experiences, so on and so forth.  That could have been the deathknell for the series, but the screenplay as well as the characters are so fresh that all of it falls gracefully into the scheme of things. None of it seems forced and audiences will reminisce about the times that they have been – either in school or in college.

The entire cast aces it with their characters, each of them takes on their roles like veterans and audiences are certain to connect with them. The lovable, goofy characteristics are a class apart. Rahsmi Adgekar and Omkar Kulkarni are fantastic as the young couple who are definitely, maybe in love. Chinmay Chandraunshuh as Kabir is a lovable goof.

Full marks to the writers (Sorry) for incorporating real education aspects like examinations, harsh teachers and all that in a series about students. Audiences have too many of ‘alcohol in red cups’ sequences masquerading as real life in schools. For the record, those cups are SOLO cups are worth more than the budget of an average college drinking party. The good thing is that this isn’t a YA series because of the props mentioned above. This is a YA series because of a touching, bittersweet screenplay that’s bound to hit the right notes with the audience.

TVF does remain true to its roots, and you will find pop culture references which might seem just a bit forced – like the Child Beer Available poster, or the Sonam Teacher Bewafa Hain and all that. However, none of it matters, because this a series about genuine people, and there’s no room for shallow, negative characters.

MX Player has done some good work with ImMature. Like the earlier Hey Prabhu, this is another web series whose sequel we are waiting for.

What’s Blah: The screenplay is fantastic, but it does lag just a teensy weensy bit after the second episode. It’s like a pimple on the cheek right on the evening of the big party, but it’s not a game stopper. It shows, but it doesn’t take anything from the beauty

Parting Shot: Immature is going to have a lot of people whip up their school time slam books.

Cast and Crew 

Cast: Rashmi Adgekar, Omkar Kulkarni, Chinmay Chandraunshuh, Vishesh Tiwari, Himika Bose, Nikhil Vinay

Writers: Suprith Kundar, Abhishek Yadav, Nishaad Zaveri

Director: Prem Mistry

ImMature is now streaming on MXPlayer