MX Player Original Hey Prabhu Review: It is a must watch

20 . Feb . 2019
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  • Achint Kaur, Rajat Barmecha shine in Hey Prabhu

MX Player is most well known for being a mobile video player that supported almost every video version. Now, the company has launched a streaming platform that promises to have enough homegrown content to keep Indian audiences hooked. One of the first web series on this platform is Hey Prabhu, that’s a story about a millennial getting to terms with his professional life and happening, if awkward personal life.

Rajat Bharmecha plays Tarun Prabhu, a millennial who doesn’t seem to know the harsher realities of life – his pa being in the merchant navy and therefore, loaded. The influencer gets a job in a magazine that’s prestigious enough to be termed as a ‘place for veterans’ and highbrow enough to have a name that’s only seen in a bakery.  How Tarun handles all this is what forms the rest of the series.

What’s Wow: Hey Prabhu is one of the rare web series that has an intelligent script and wants to handle the protagonist’s personal as well as work life with crackling speed and laser sharp precision. The screenplay’s intelligent and weaves an entirely believable day and life of a media intern. The screenplay also portrays the gender gap between the millennials and the business owners and parents in a non-preachy manner. There are some insights, like when Tarun experiences his first social media outing the same day that his mom wants him to delete a tweet that she considers personal – because one of their distant relatives follows Tarun on the social network.

Hey Prabhu also winds up the personal life and the professional life of the protagonist in a believable manner – this is basically two web series for the price of one.

The performances are good but are strictly TV. That goes along with the light vein of the entire series. Achint Kaur, as the chief editor who hates and tolerates the young gun in her office stands out. Her initial stand off scene with Tarun is what makes the audience stand up and take notice of the contempt one generation has for another, smoothing it out at the same time.  With the audience just warming up to the characters, this is a web series that’s sequel worthy right from the first scene. Kudos to the writers for giving more time to the professional side of life, with the story arc deeply entrenched in what happens in the office.

What’s Blah:  While the screenplay is razor sharp at most times, some of the banter among the younger characters might seem unedited.

Parting Shot: Hey Prabhu is the web series we all want a sequel to.

Cast and Crew

Cast: Rajat Barmecha, Parul Gulati, Sheeba Chaddha, Achint Kaur, Rituraj Singh

Executive Producer: Sumeet Mishra

Director: Shashanka Ghosh

Hey Prabhu is now streaming on MX Player