MX Player Original ONLY FOR SINGLES Review: It is a Fun Ride into the Millennial World

03 . Jul . 2019
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MX Player brings to audiences Only For Singles, a web series that has six young men and women traverse through urban life and just the beginning of their problems is a place to stay. One of them, Ranjeeta, owns a building and has two flats – which are an impromptu host to the six people. Of course, problems crop up. Here’s our complete review of the web series Only For Singles.

RJ (Deepti Sati) has five friends, Mickey (Vivaan Shah), Raapchik (Shirin Sewani), Appu (Pooja Banerjee), Harman (Gulshan Nain) and Riyaz (Aman Uppal). The six live in two flats of her dad’s building. Partly because they don’t have money to pay the rent and partly because Riyaz can’t get a home in Mumbai because of his religion. As the six traverses through urban life, they experience and handle heartbreak, rebellion, love, friendship and come to terms with their life.

What’s WowOnly For Singles is a breezy, light hearted view with some at par performances. The best thing about the series is that it tackles all the problems that millennials face – right from not getting a house on rent to not being taken seriously by parents – in a simple, light screenplay. This is a series with a young vibe and will cater to a young audience. The writer, Chirag Mahabal, conjures up a quick story that’s as light as they come.

What’s BlahWhile the concept Samar Iqbal asks for a fast story, the screenplay goes into the TV zone now and then. Barring that, the series is a cool enough watch.

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Parting ShotOnly For Singles is one for the young generation.

Cast & Crew

Cast : Vivaan Shah, Shirin Sweani, Pooja Banerjee, Gulshan Nain, Aman Uppal

Writer: Chirag Mahabal

Concept: Samar Iqbal

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