MX Player goes live with its revenge drama – Ek Thi Begum, and you do not want to miss this one

08 . Apr . 2020
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We’ve binged and re-binged the classics and our favorites already. But it’s time to mix it up and we have just what you need. MX Player has gone live with its revenge thriller ‘Ek Thi Begum’ and we don’t think you should miss this one at all! If you think the trailer gave you goosebumps, wait until you watch the whole thing.

It’s got everything to keep you hooked and wanting more. Here’s 4 reasons why!

  1. A begum who takes on the biggest underworld don How often do we hear about stories of underworld gangwars, mafia and political bigwigs which are threatened by the presence of one gutsy female? This is the story of Ashraf aka Sapna (Anuja Sathe) who dreamt of killing the biggest don of the 1980s in a bid to avenge her husband Zaheer’s (Ankit Mohan) killer.
  1. Inspired by real events – There’s nothing that sends a chill down your spine until you hear that it could have been a true story. Inspired by real events, this series tells the tale of a simple housewife turned into a cold, calculative woman whose only aim in life is revenge against underworld don Maqsood (Ajay Gehi).


  1. A villain that instills fear – Each character is meticulously sketched out, taking you back to the 80’s – a time when mafia and organized crimes were at its peak. But Maqsood is a character that really stands out as a villain who instills fear in you. Commanding, cutthroat and cunning – he is an enemy that no one would want.


  1. A bilingual series that is rustic and raw – This revenge drama paints a true picture of its times and is a bilingual series that is part Marathi and part Hindi. The series is set in the 1980s in Mumbai and hence – be it the language usage of the characters/ the costumes/ the scenes or the dialogues have all been done in a manner that is raw, rustic and as real as possible.  

Set in the 1980s in Mumbai, a time when organized crime was at its peak, MX Original Series – Ek thi Begum chronicles the life of a beautiful, gutsy woman Ashraf Bhatkar aka Sapna (played by Anuja Sathe). Life as she knew it changed when the city’s biggest don Maqsood (Ajay Gehi) turned responsible for the death of her husband Zaheer (Ankit Mohan). This bilingual MX Original Series is streaming for FREE on MX Player.

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