Must watch casino-themed Bollywood movies

03 . Dec . 2020
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over the years, Bollywood has made a name for itself as one of the big film industries in the world. The world has been entertained by various movie themes showcasing the best the industry has to offer. Bollywood does not shy when it comes to delivering top productions that have topped movie charts across the world. One of the areas it has excelled in is with its vibrant casino-themed movies. You do not even have to be a gambling enthusiast to enjoy these movies. However, the theatrics, excitement and heightened emotions involved promises to leave you speechless. Here are five must-watch casino-themed Bollywood titles.


Teen Patti (“Three Cards”) 2010

Venkat Subramanyam is a math professor trying to prove his thesis on probability on a popular card game in India named Teen Patti or Three Cards. He first successfully tests his theory through online casinos. He then recruits three of his best students in an aim to win big. The team goes on a winning streak in Mumbai casinos, before getting into trouble when gambling mafias learn about their activities. This game is very similar to blackjack, which requires a lot of wit and strategy to win. If you fancy your chances, head over to sites such as to learn more about the game and how you can use certain tips and strategies to have a better chance of winning.

Striker 2010

While most casino-themed movies are fictional, Striker is based on a true story. It tells the story of a young boy as he struggles in a poverty-stricken home. Suryakaant Sarang is even forced to miss school due to lack of food and poor health. To keep him busy, his elder brother introduces him to a tabletop game known as Carrom. He becomes so good at it that he wins a Junior Carrom Championship aged just 12. However, he becomes so hooked to the game that it slowly leads him to the gambling world’s dark corners.

Gambler 1971

Directed by Amarjeet, it follows the story of Raja after his mother abandons him at a tender age. He lives with a criminal don, Master, who shows him all about playing cards. Raja quits working for Master and goes on his own way. He becomes very successful and soon gets wealthy. He meets Chandra Gangaram and wants to marry and settle with her. However, her father does not like him and instead wants her to get married to Ram Mehta. However, Raja is charged with the cold-blooded murder of Master, and it is at the courtrooms where he will find out the truth about his past and parents.

Jannat 2008

This is a romantic movie about Arjun as he is trying to get rich so he can marry Zoya. He starts playing card games before moving up the ladder where he enjoys limitless success. However, he now has to choose between the fame and power he is enjoying or the love of his life.

The Great Gambler 1979

Jai is a great gambler who never loses a bet. His skills attract underworld gambling mafias who want to recruit him. He is flattered and agrees to join their plan of tricking rich people of their money. However, things start to get a bit sticky further down the line.