Music Composer duo Sachin – Jigar encourage the underprivileged hearing-impaired kids at “Kidsync” – an initiative by JOSH Foundation.

26 . Feb . 2020
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“Kid Sync- Kahani Nagmo ki Zubani” an initiative by JOSH foundation for empowering hearing-impaired children was a massive success. It was a live musical concert held at Deenanath Mangeshkar Auditorium.

JOSH Foundation, headed by Devangi Dalal and Dr. Jayant Gandhi is known for its unique and innovative means through which they create awareness and educate the society about hearing impairment, the early signs and also about the usage of right hearing aid devices. The organisation has an amazing history of providing more than 1100 underprivileged hearing-impaired children with hearing aids and working towards opening up more opportunities in jobs and education for hearing impaired children, by realising their full potential and giving them all the opportunities that they deserve.

The event was super fun and frolic, with the performance of several professional singers like Madan Shukla, Uday Kaji, Priyanka Mitra, Rajendra Ghadvi and Sarvesh Mishra, who enthralled the audience with their magical voices.

The Chief Guest of the event was Music Composer duo Sachin – Jigar who came on stage to encourage the underprivileged hearing-impaired kids. The duo also spoke about the great work and contribution of Devangi Dalal and Dr. Jayant Gandhi towards hearing-impaired children in society. The event was also attended by many dignitaries and corporate bodies. Mahaveer Chakra winner Captain Nath was also present at the event to encourage and extend his support for these hearing-impaired kids.

A simple, yet the resounding message was resonated with the audience, and that was that no matter what stigma the society might have against the hearing impaired children, they aren’t any different from other kids. They deserve all the love, care, support and privilege that every other kid is entitled to. They also spearheaded a campaign to make digitize every school for the hearing impaired, because there’s no reason as to why they should still study in an old infrastructure when the entire world is moving away from it.

Another important purpose of this event was to focus on early action that can prevent a life long impairment, and thus, the audience was enlightened with the information that after birth when a child moves out of hospital OAE test should be done to check his/her hearing.

To put their message out in the open for audience, the hearing-impaired children, along with their normal counterparts danced their hearts out, also sung the song “Hum Honge Kamyab“, a song that replicated their feelings that they are no different from other children. Devangi Dalal, the co-founder of JOSH Foundation, joined them on stage to support and encourage them.

The evening ended with the felicitation of Senior musician Suraj Sathe by Dr. Jayant Gandhi and Sachin-Jigar. All the donors were also felicitated.

Talking about the event, Dr. Jayant Gandhi said, “It is not us but God who has helped us by giving this opportunity to be of some help to the hearing-impaired kids.”

Devangi Dalal said, “Events like this show us that a little encouragement can go a long way in the development of these children and motivates us to work even harder towards assisting and supporting them. It is also a good forum to bring out their talent and bond with them.”