Your Movember inspiration from the streaming world

02 . Nov . 2017
Reading Time: 2 minutes

November’s here and the guys will soon be out with their Movember looks, which is basically a completely cultivated beard look. Until last year, TV and film celebs wowed us with their look. Now, we have men from the world of streaming that will motivate men to have the edgy look and make women go weak-kneed.

Khal Drogo (Game of Thrones) (Hotstar)

Possibly the first guy with a beard that gained such fame – and infamy in a web series. Khal Drogo is one of the most important characters in Game of Thrones and has one of the most memorable looks in a web series. His look is also the epitome of medieval badassery and suave – the guy can’t be bothered to shave, but likes to keep his swagger free – hence the ‘tachetail.  Beat that.

Vayu Raghavan (Inside Edge) Amazon Prime

Vayu is one of those rare, fleshed out characters in an Indian web series. He starts out as an enfant terrible and evolves into something that all masculinity is about – an emotional heart under all that ‘devil may care’ attitude.  Looks are an important part of creating a character today and Vayu Raghavan’s cropped beard look was a perfect fit for the character.

Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones) (Hotstar)

Jon Snow is one of the most evolved characters of Game of Thrones. As the outside in the Stark family, to being the King in the North, the character of Jon has seen mammoth growth. Taking his serious character seriously, Jon sports a full beard in all the seasons.

Iron Fist (Iron Fist) Netflix

Iron Fist as a series was not much of a ringer for Netflix, but the character was quite interesting. The series was one of the few to show a vulnerable man becoming a superhero in a believable manner – and the moss of a beard did work well towards creating a connect between the audience and the character.

Luke Cage (Luke Cage) Netflix

The character Luke Cage might not be known for being an understated one – but the Netflix character was different from the comic one. And to get the intensity correct, this one had a subtle goatee that will reeked of masculinity. The character look is quite important in comic lore, as it is strikingly different from the initial looks that Luke Cage had.

These are the characters that we loved and have sported a beard for the betterment of the character. This ‘mane’ly accessory did give a unique characteristic to the character. We hope you liked reading this list.