Mona Singh nurtures digital producer dreams

20 . Jul . 2018
Reading Time: 1 minute

Actress Mona Singh, who is garnering praise for Yeh Meri Family, nurtures the dreams of turning a producer someday for the digital medium. At first, she would want to start with something short (short story) and then move on to a web series.

Though she has not given the idea much thought, Mona said that she believes in doing trying everything. Speaking more about the digital platform, Mona shares that the space is good for people who and are hungry for good content. In the web series, Mona plays mother to three kids, and she has already played one on TV. But comparing her experience as onscreen mother on the two platforms, she believes that both the experiences are very different. Digital, she said, is all about being real, and not drama.

Mona plays a strict mother on the show, who is constantly bombarding her kids with work. This role, Mona said was difficult for her, because she couldn’t remain as strict as she was expected to be. But over time, she got a hang of it. Due to the role that she was playing, eventually Mona was called Mummy by the cast and crew on the sets of the show.