Moms – Cooler, Stronger and Sharper !

12 . May . 2017
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Karl Lagerfield said, “The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” We couldn’t agree more. If I sit down and try to think of the single most important person in my life, it would be my mother. I am sure there could be varied opinions but it is not for no reason that writer duo Salim-Javed penned the iconic dialogue, “Aaj mere paas building hai, property hai, bank balance hai, bangla hai, gaadi hai. kya hai kya hai tumhare pass? Mere paas maa hai.”

Medium changed from theatre and television to the digital space, so did the definition of motherhood. Women took charge of their lives, their children and created a new identity for themselves. Vulnerability aside, she became the epitome of strength both in the household and beyond the walls of her home.

Here are some mothers from the web world who deserve our appreciation on this Mother’s day. They have paved the way to inspire more such on and off screen characters.


In Vikramaditya Motwane’s Kissanpur, we see an adorable young boy Rohan immersed in video games. His mother takes away his tab and returns to her laptop to work. Soon she realizes that she is taking away a bad habit but replacing it with nothing. In an effort to make up with him she gives her work a break and as gets into a competition of who’s plant grows the fastest with Rohan.

Time goes by and the mother is on the verge of winning, when Rohan’s plant catches up. Like always, the mother saves the day and the family as a whole is the winner in their togetherness. This is the exemplary new-age mother. She knows how to juggle her priorities. She knows when to switch the attention to her kid and how to regulate it back to the work that represents her skills and ambition.


Manan, is a short film with an empowering message. This mother though from a generation disconnected from ours have a very strong point to make. Though not financially sound or visibly capable of supporting herself, she explains to her son how the other side isn’t as green as he feels. Her strength lies in her wit. The ageing mother doesn’t get emotional or break down at her son’s lack of empathy. She takes on him in the most non-conformist way.

In a conversation between a mother and her son set in an old-age home, the mother starts off complaining about the condition of the home but gives her son a lesson in compassion that he might not forget in the near future.

Permanent Roommates- Season 2

Sheeba Chadda, who portrays Mikesh’s mother Lata is not the traditional hero’s mother as isn’t her son a conventional hero. She is quick to break the mother in law stereotype with her easy going attitude towards Tanya, a daughter in law who was pregnant before marriage bells rang. Both women are comfortable in their identities and the dynamics of the infamous MIL-DIL relationship.

Far from evil mother in law Lata, tells Tanya that if there is real peace it is in unhooking and getting rid of the bra at the end of the day. “Mujhe shuru se hee bra pehen-na accha nahi lagta.” Says Lata a feeling every woman would connect to. Whether they would be outspoken about it is questionable. As the pitch is set perfectly with Mikesh’s mother a strong, independent, understanding mother-in law from a small town along with an assertive, careerist would be mother in Mikesh’s fiancé, we can see how the modern indian woman has traded her shoes for self satisfying comfortable ones.

It wouldn’t be wrong to accredit Mikesh’s mother for the adorable, sensitive, respectful man that Mikesh is.

Anouk  – Bold is Beautiful

She has to have four arms, four legs, two hearts & double the love. There’s nothing single about a single mom, tweeted a viewer moved by Anouk Myntra’s “The Whispers” from it’s ‘Bold is Beautiful’ series. Director Shamik Sen Gupta brings to our notice what is always present before our eyes. A society biased and critical of a single mother. There is a big part within the Indian society that doesn’t shy away from criticizing and mocking a single mother instead of applauding her grit and confidence. The film exposes them and celebrates the modern Indian mother, who is proud to call her daughter, only her and hers alone without any shame or secrecy that plagued mothers from earlier generations. A single mother and her little daughter move to a new residential campus and face daily questions, directly or indirectly, about the missing husband and father. The mother who is no more the sobbing weakling with the father not being a part of their existence gives it back to the bully with exactness and purpose. She settles the doubts of the lady once and for all by her words and action both.

As women in today’s day have become more self assertive, it has affected the role they played in parenting. That has inspired characters dedicated to their growth in new age short films and engaging web series. Once the homemaker started sharing the co bread winner title, her image went through a considerable shift, making an impact on her children as well.

Armed with education, wit, an independent spirit, and compassion, the modern Indian mother became a favorite of the digital screen.

Take time out and watch all these wonderful web stories and don’t forget to make a call to the amazing lady who made your growing up years to your adult-life miseries bearable.

Happy Mother’s Day!